TATULA Lights in Trend Show in „Light+Building 2016”

ETMONO Lights where introduced in “Light+Building 2016” (Frankfurt) in Trend Show. Between four themes of trends for 2016, our lights where presented in „Liberal and Manifold“ part.

„Liberal and Manifold“ is a multi-faceted young style that rediscovers the past, revives retro elements and creates innovations.

Retro looks are combined with modern aspects and designs. Diverse style elements and design criteria are treated playfully and imaginatively. An uninhibited delight in experimentation and original ideas come together to create lighting with a unique character. Here you’ll find lots of humorous, non-conformist classics as well as unconventional new ideas. The designers often develop bold, cartoon-like shapes in their creations. They play casually with stylised and iconic forms

TATULA Lights in Trend Show in Abiente 2016

An exhibition “Ambiente”, every year attracting hundreds of thousands of professionals and design’s enthusiasts from all over the world, presents tendencies and trends of the coming season’s consumer goods.

In the mount of the tendencies of the world’s largest design exhibition held in the weekend in Frankfurt am Main, “Etmono” introduced especially customers’ favorite lighting fixtures “Tatula Vertigo” and “Tatula Wall” of “Tatula” series which have been improved for several years.

Lighting fixtures made from eco-friendly plastic are lightweight, unbreakable, occupy little space, simply folded and spread out.

The universal functionality is the most important in the creation of “Etmono”: lighting fixtures are easily transformed and moved not only from one space to another, but also from the vertical plane to the horizontal, from the static condition to the dynamic.